We’ll soon be moving our site from Drupal 5 to 7 – and once that is done we want to integrate a new feature. This feature we will be needing some help with. I will describe it below:

We will set up a new content type with about 1500 nodes. Authenticated users will see two of them, selected randomly, up against each other in a head to head match. They will vote on which one they prefer. Next two more items will appear and the same thing happens; one winner and one loser. And so on. The results are compared in a basic sort algorithm, so that eventually all items can be sorted based on the user’s preference after she has been through all the necessary matches.
About 50 items will be added to the list once a year, and when they are added the user should be able to continue the voting game – essentially merging the 50 new items into her existing list.

The user should be able to stop/pause whenever she wants to – and come back and continue the game from where she left. And she should be able to find the matches given to her on the user page. Here she will have the option of re-doing a match.
It is mainly a personal game and only those with the appropriate permissions will be able to see the results of any user. It should be possible though to create a global top 100 out of all votes, and separate top lists based on taxonomy added to the nodes on which users can vote.

If you think you can make this please do contact me with a price and an estimated time of when it can be finished. You will be paid for the project and not an hourly rate. We are on a limited budget and I know we can't match what a Western programmer would charge so I am thinking that this is a project for a programmer from a country with a cheaper salary or a student who wants to show off his or her skills.

Looking forward to hear from you.