I'm looking to create a website which has many features similar to PTC sites. The project doesn't need to have any specific language, but would need to be secure. Users of the site could join up, then they could take Visa or other Pre-paid gift cards and use them to purchase into their site balance. I'm guessing, to use gift cards CCbill would be used.

Anyways, the concept is, they'd transfer money to our site from a gift card or payment processor, and we'd take a small fee for the transaction. The remaining balance would be shown in their account balance page where they could withdrawal to a payment processor or bank if possible. In the way, people looking to cash out visa gift cards could do so easily and get the most out of their cards.

Not sure the work involved. Not a huge budget available, but quote away and we'l see what happens.

I'll go into more detail if anyone wants questions answered.