Hi Everyone,

I have a Joomla site with Jomsocial and a Kunena forum. I will be turning the "group" tab in Jomsocial to a "clan/guild tab". What i want is a point system (VERY Similar to Playfire.com) that will award points to users for posts, answers etc. These points will be displayed on the users profile, but will also be put in their clans community "treasure chest" if you will. In the (hopefully near) future I will be looking for a program exactly like Xfire (shows friends playing games, chat, join games in progress and so on), however it will also record wins/losses and other stats that will be sent to the members profile/clan. The point system will also award points for wins and such during game play. So essentially i'm looking for a Point system that will fit this criteria. Also if anyone wants to help me get the ball rolling on this program, that would be amazing!! I am oblivious to the cost of my requests, so I will be looking for a price range OBO! Thank YOU!