OK . Please read this entire note before saying "wtf is he talking about".

-- go to: http://nvsos.gov/sosentitysearch/
-- search (entity name) for "sensor"
-- 59 companies match this description
-- click the 4th one down "SENSOR SYSTEM SOLUTIONS, INC." this is an example of ONE COMPANY
-- you will go to the company's main page
-- scroll down to the bottom and click "Click here to view 32 actions\amendments associated with this company"
-- you then come to another page. this page lists EVERY update this company goes through. (the last two being an AMENDMENT, and a REINSTATEMENT)

that is the info i need to be checked. that info on that page. it would be easy if there was only 10 companies, but remember when we searched for "sensor" , 59 companies came up .

there must be over 100,000 companies on that site.

so the program must:

-- search all companies on that site
-- check the respective ACTIONS page for any updates