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    Smile Help with Building a Website

    I have a design of a website I am looking to have built.

    I am looking for someone to advise & enhance my design a little further, and to then go ahead and build the website.

    The website is to hold information in a database. The public will be allowed to search the database.

    The initial search will be done by selecting the area(s) required on a map. Note mutable areas need to be able to be selected if required.

    Other considerations for data when displayed
    o Revising search sort order for the data displayed.
    o Key word search.
    There also needs to be provision for information to be entered (added) to the database by the public.

    However before the public can add data they will need to register with the web site. The usual sort of security process are required i.e. email address of a new used will need to be confirmed by clicking on a link in an email sent out by the website.

    Although the majority of entries in the database will have been entered for free there also needs to be provision for advertising to be taken out online, or for paid (sponsored) entries in the database.

    Sponsored entries in the database will have more space and pictures etc. Also sponsored data entries in the database will need priority when the data is displayed.

    To enable funds to be taken the website will need to link to and take payments via credit cards.

    I have a moderate budget available.

    I have no idea what software or kind of database I should be using i.e. what are the advantages and disadvantage of building it different ways? So even if you canít help me build the site I would still appreciate some advice.


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    Will you please let me know the basic aim of this website?

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    Smile Help with Building a Website

    Hi SSL,

    I’m not sure what you are asking by what is “the basic aim of this website?”

    • It’s a website that has a database at its heart.
    • The database is populated by entries.
    • The majority of entries are entered into the database for free.
    • Some (the minority) of entries are paid for – thereby granting them an enhanced entry and position in the presentation of the data.
    • The public will (hopefully) want to search this database.
    • To make it usefully and user-friendly to the public the database will need to be integrate in different ways i.e. location(s), search order, categories, key word search.
    Other considerations already noted:

    • There must be a login procedure (with at least a limited kind of tracing back to an email address) re the placement of entries in the database.
    • Credit card payment procedure.
    Other considerations that I have not mentioned yet:

    • Should the person making the entry into the website database be able/allowed to revise their entry at a later date if they so wish?
    • Should only those entering a paid entry into the database be allowed to revise their entry at a later date?
    • Should there be no facility for the public to revise their entries.
    • Facility for editorial and comments.
    • Facility for further paid advertisements placed on web pages.
    • Pages for FAQ’s & T&C etc.
    All in all as you can see, the website it is based on a database that public will hopefully wish to access.

    Some people will (hopefully) want to pay to get a better position and presentation in the database. This will hopefully cover the costs involved and go on to make a profit.

    In all honestly, the way I see it, it doesn’t matter what the database is advertising as the procedure is pretty much the same (as far as I, the layman sees things).

    I could be advertising Books, Boats, Houses or even a Lonely Hearts contact website.

    When I think about it, it would be nice to attract the best features form all these types of sites and not pigeon hole or stereo type what I am doing at this stage.

    If I still haven’t answered your question, or you would like to discuses this a little further, please PM me with a contact phone number and I will phone you back.



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