I have a huge amount of horse racing statistics in csv files by date. I want to put them into a database so that I can access this information by horse name. I then want to add fields. The added fields would be based on each horses results and would need to be added so that I can see that when it ran on x date this is what the new fields would have been, every time a horse runs the fields will change and thus it needs to be done at all dates and not just the most recent. I then need to be able to export the data into a csv file with the new fields so that it is in its original format. At the end of each day I will add more data in so if it can be imported and calculated automatically that would be ideal. I will also need to be able to search by horse name to get the data. Depending on cost it would also be ideal to be able to import a csv at the beginning of each day with the races on it and match up the current new fields for each horse in each race and export that data as a csv.

Hope that all makes sense but please feel free to ask questions.