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    HTML Script for church app

    Hey.... is there basic html script to allow the following?:

    In our church app, we can use basic html. What I am trying to do, is have the user type within a "fill in the blank" field, but I want what they typed to also appear way down the page in another paragraph, targeting a specific spot in a sentence in the paragraph down the page. I need to get this done today if it's possible. It's for our Easter service tomorrow. Our pastor just had this idea... hence the urgency!

    Thanks for any input!!


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    You'll need to learn JavaScript for this.

    If you provide some code to show what you have done and more specifically looking to do in the correct section of the site.

    Also read the guidlines for posting in this section of the forum, then post in the correct section unless a mod takes pity on you and moves it.


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