I am looking for someone that can help me make a few small changes to a chat box I made.

I want to make this chat box smaller because right now it's too large and covers a lot of the page.


Once it's smaller, I want it to follow the customer throughout the pages they click on. At the moment, when a customer clicks another page, it disappears and then the customer has to fill out the form again. I want the customer to be able to freely surf our website and still keep the chat conversation going uninterrupted.

Or if this isn't possible, it can also pop out in a smaller window that the customer can move around.

Also - I'd like to make the bottom right chat box tab appear on our website during specific times and days. For example, I want it to appear on our website Mon-Fri from 8-4:30pm and then turn off during off hours, weekends. Is this possible?

PM if you're interested to work out the details.