1) Project Details: Science Fair Project. We created a game and need data and suggestions:
Download: https://www.mediafire.com/?o2y394qqm496u7d[2] Mirror: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2rq9bn5cyh...BlindRacer.exe[3]
Two grade 9 students that decided to make a video game that would be playable by the visually impaired. We're mostly looking for data. Made with GameMaker Studio!
Copied from the Google Form *"We would like you to test this little mini game out BLIND (no monitor, or blindfold)! If you could somehow prove that you DIDN'T cheat, that would be fantastic! (video/facecam) -we will most likely only use the data with proof- Try 10 times
Once you've tried 10 times, try once with proper vision
We would also like you to upload ALL the snapshots taken by the program from C:\Users-user-\AppData\Local\RaceGame\Screeens to imgur, dropbox or another image sharing website to analyse the data."
Big thanks to NoobPete who supplied us with his game as a base. We are not very good coders.*
If you would like to make the coding better or give us general tips, we would highly appreciate it. We need as much data as we can, share it! Thank you (:

Science Fair is Jan 29!!