If have it posted but since i saw someone say urls are not allowed you'll have to go to OS-templates and download the Fusion Edge Complete HTML5 site.
It includes all the scripts and Styles in the Zip.
It works great in everything except IE (I am using IE10)
It must work in IE's current version for it to be of use for me
My problem is that when I mouse over the drop-down, it times out before i can move the mouse to click something in the drop-down - it vanishes.
They are using the HTML5shiv.js but it only conditionally loads that for IE9 or below. so I'm Guessing thats not a part of it.
Anyone out there who has written or tinkered with drop-down menus is going to look at this job offer and say...FOOF! Done! Easy Money!
I unfortunately, am not that guy. That's why God made guys like you!
Again just google OS-Templates fusionedge

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