Is it against the rules to offer to pay someone for help?
hope not if so please let me know.
20 paypal is what im offering providing the full outcome of the page i want to create is achieved using my methods

I am a man of my word when it comes to paying on this too

i suck at coding obviously and am sick of staring at the same page for the last month and a few weeks
when i say i suck i mean i know basically nothing at all so explaining in full detail will most likely be needed and i probably still wont get it lol

im using includes to break my page up into segments so i dont need to update every page on my site when i change a single bit of design if you are with me on that.

So basically a few pages that will go together to make one as a template and then the actual content part gets included in there as well.

I have a template includes setup that someone wrote for me that will be the heart of it all

So my page is going to need to be broken up into about 6 pieces, 2 for separate ads as i put different ads on dif pages, content, sidebar, header, footer and another bit in there aswell

i cant stress enough that i want to keep using tables for layout unless you want to rewrite the entire page using divs. yes tables as layouts i went there.

here is a really dodgy pic i made of how it needs to be (sections)
here is a link to the includes demo

so the page will come together looking the exact same as it is now but pieced together to get the end result

another thing there is an arrow pointing to a pain in the but drop down menu that doesnt want to sit where the arrow is pointing, that needs to be fixed