Hello, if anyone is familiar with Open Realty an open source cms often available for installation through eassyaps/fantastico.. I would really appreciate some help.

When adding a listing to the database you may choose a country and a region. Yet these two fields are not linked. So it shows a drop down list with all the countries.. but the it also shows a drop down list with all the regions in all the countries.

Now I've managed to find an addon that in the search it shows the country field, and when choosing a country it then loads on the region field below.. all the regions of the chosen country.

While this works great.. it is only written for the search page. While adding or edditing a listing, I can either have drop down lists that are not linked together, which would be terrible showing all the regions of all the countries... or have an input field for the user to write a country/region which is still not good for me, as there the result might be having a country/region many times spelled differently.

The addon works in the search page cause it's html and I just add the tag {xxxx} in there and it just loads. While the add/edit listing forms are generated with php. I can hide the original fields of country and region in that form, but I'm unable to show the fields generated by the addon. I try to insert the whole code in my php file, but due to my limited php knowledge I am able to show the fields, but I don't know how to COMBINE them in the form.

It should probably be something small and easy which I just don't know... if anyone wanna check it out let me know and I can set up a demo installation with the addon, give you access to it, see if you can figure it out.

The fee I offer is negotiable