1) Project Details:

Search Script for: http://www.worldwidewatchesinc.com/

A PERL Search script that would read a manually edited (by me) text file with Item Number, URL, Picture URL and Keywords. When a user searches for a particular keyword, the script should return a list of matching items according to keywords or else, redirect to a not found page (not necessary for the script to generate that not found page, merely, redirect).

Four caveats:

1. If the user enters a item number instead of a keyword, I would like the script to redirect straight to the item URL instead of returning a list of "matching" items.

2. I would like the script to rely on a template for the appearance of the search results so I can edit the template if necessary. (this is not 100% required, but highly desired).

3. The script should be able to handle pagination of search results (about 12 items per page).

2) Payment: To be discussed. Basically, I have no PERL coding experience and cannot make a good estimate of the time required to make the required coding and testing. Please send your bids.

3) Payment method: PayPal or Company Check. 30% of bid amount at signup and 70% within 48 hours of receiving (and reviewing) a successful script.

4) I would expect FREE (or at least drastically cheap) bug fixes for 30 days after the final payment has been made.

If interested, please contact me with your bid amount and expected completion time. Also feel free to contact me for any questions.

Bids accepted starting immediatelly and until Tuesday Aug 26.