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    Need advice on screen resolutions

    I'm about to begin a new website and I'm going to try it using a 3-column css layout.

    Considering I'm completely new to css, that alone is going to be a challenge.

    But my question is this - is it now appropriate to design a site geared toward a 1024x768 resolution as opposed to an 800x600?

    To get an idea - feel free to visit what I hope to be the new Suncoast USBC Bowling Association website.

    This is not the final design - personally I think that orange-yellow is kinda harsh for a banner - still working on that

    The site shows up quite lovely in IE6, FF1.0.6 - but doesn't look as lovely in Opera8.02.

    I think it looks ok positioned to the left but I think I'd like to have it centered - I've tried margin: auto but I can't seem to make it work so until I figure it out I'll leave it on the left.

    Any thoughts?

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    I seriously considered making the jump to 1024 on the last site I programmed, but this was a site that had information that needed to be printed. You can just barely print a site designed for 760 pixels wide on 8.5" wide paper, but a 1024 site can get the margins cut off. Most users don't know how to compensate.
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    I generally try and aim for the best of both.... If possible design a fluid layout, one that will expand to fit any resolution, but personally I always browse at 1024*768 anyway. I just like to know that anyone will be able to view my site and have it looking good...

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    Well I am no expert but, I try to design fluidly so that it fits at a range of resolutions. Then I make a stylesheet just for those who want to print the page and code it so that the banenrs etc are removed and they get what might normally be put in a pdf file.

    worth doing as it's much easier to update it later

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