bushwacked is an organisation of young people who crave jumping into bushes, danger, etc. this website promotes their works and video clips.

new to the bushwacked website is Bushwacked Personal Space.

this is a service that allows bushwacked website members to login and create their own webpage with ease, using a WYSIWYG editor. the page has no limitations and sits in the main bushwacked template. editing your page is also easy, you just click the same page.

using bushwacked personal space, you will be given permission to host your very own webpage with ease (this service is aimed at entry-level users) and be able to link to it from anywhere on the internet, or in the world.

things that i have included:
- every page has a hit counter
- every page has a shoutbox, including around 20 common smilies.

things i need to fix:
- wysiwyg editor image upload section isnt working yet

any comments or suggestions on what i can improve or add to the website to increase the public appeal?

feedback on the design and mechanical aspects appreciated. thanks.