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    My website- opinionsand feedback please

    Hi all. I would like some feedback with regard to my site Griffiths Web Design: Home Page
    I feel it is currently lacking something but I am not sure what. Any suggestions would be awesome. Thank you in advance for your feedback

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    Hope this is useful...from a brief perusal:

    Look and feel
    In general the site's a bit low key - there's no images of your work anywhere and nothing that really grabs the eye
    Add a favicon - sites don't look complete without one (this is a personal bugbear of mine )
    The blue and white logo on the left doesn't fit with your heading, and arguably doesn't suit a web design company...but if it is your logo, it should be on every page as part of the header
    The menu spacing is inconsistent - Home is centred between the vertical lines, but the other menu items aren't. You could probably just dispense with the verticals.
    (Losing the vertical separators, making the h1 font-size 60px, font-weight:normal with a 20px top and bottom margin makes a big improvement I think - your header background has more impact)
    The 'Is your website..' line is too close to the dotted line, resulting in lost impact for this phrase. It probably doesn't need to be on every page
    Blog page in particular looks old fashioned - why make it so narrow?


    No portfolio of sites you've built
    Spelling in menu item 'Non-Profits'
    There are quite a few typos throughout your copy - worth checking through, including apostrophisation it's "prototypes" not "prototype's", and "what's" not "whats"
    I like the idea of the 'How we do it' bit on your About page

    EDIT: The link to your home page should be '/' not index.html, as well.
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    Use the W3C HTML Validator and CSS Validator to check your code and Firebug to see what css is applied to an element
    Read Steve Krug's book Don't Make Me Think - essential reading on web usability
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    Why are the links in the menu not centered in their respective places?
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