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    need marketing options

    We need some marketing ideas for BrokenEquipment.com. My bussiness partner has launched an ad compaign on facebook where he got over 7 thousands hits to the facebook page but like 3 to the actual website itself. When the site first started years ago he had people posting watches, clocks, pinball machines, cars and even cessna air planes on it. How can we get that back again after so long? Ideas?
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    If your ad campaign has as much text as the home page of your website then I’m not surprised that nobody feels intrigued to visit the site. Especially the “generation Facebook” needs simple, easy to understand, and eye-catching images and/or short buzzwords rather than lenghty explanations. I’ve heard, a couple o’years ago, that the average attention span of a website visitor is 20 seconds within which you need to gain the visitor’s interest – and with recent developments in all that interactive “social” stuff the average attention span might even have decreased yet. So, there is no time to throw a lot of text on the visitor, you need a clear and simple call to action, in your FB campaign as well as on your website.

    Get some inspiration on how others do it, and there are also a lot of articles about good CTAs, especially this one seems relevant for you: http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/h...lls-to-action/


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