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I'm trying to make a portfolio site to organize different projects I've worked on. I'm tired of spending time making something only to have it get lost in my portable hd, so I'm making a section for each project and a clean category page to navigate the sections.

I haven't made a banner, logo, or footer yet, they're just blank whitespace, but about the size I'm planning on keeping.

Basically I'm looking for feedback on the layout and any input or advice you'd give relating to design, organization, or things I should add/remove.

So far only 3 pages are rigged up for the new site, /projects.html, /tutorials.html, and /gallery.html

The site is

If you go to just the domain without any extensions it shows an old prototype I made, of which I plan on using the character menu shown there on my new site but get rid of all the sprites, sliders, and stuff.

I made the gallery yesterday (thanks to help from this site) using javascript. Is it responsive on your end? There are a couple repeated images, and the buttons on the right panel were just for testing, eventually there will be a button to load each category images.

If you click any of the "thumbnail" type divs on the projects page it loads the old page from another domain, I haven't moved the content over yet until I pin down the finished design.

Things you like or don't like? Any input/advice? Does it load fast?