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Thread: content advice

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    content advice

    hey guys, i've created a few "gag-sites", to redirect people to, for various reasons, such as http://whiny.me/

    what i'm NOT happy with, is the wording of the "self-help plan". i feel it's a little on the "dark" or "violent" side, but i still want it to be whitty and sarcastic and clever. does any one have any ideas as to how to pull it off? thanks.

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    Sort of going to jump a bit off topic on this, as I do not have any recommendations for the humor you're attempting to reach...

    You may want to include some sort of disclaimer or other something that advises people how to get actual help. The reason I suggest this is because cyberbullying is big in a lot of countries and if your site is being used to carry out attacks of that nature you could be targeted as a potentially responsible party for providing material for such purposes.

    I'm not critiquing your content or approach, or even your humor, just some advice.

    You probably won't receive much of a response from here, especially since this is content oriented, and most people here are more involved in the manipulation of content and not the actual content itself. I recommend asking around on sites with writers and things like that for good wordings to use.

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