Hi everyone, Im new to this site and looking for some critique on my website.

This is my website, it has not been uploaded to its proper domain yet- http://webhawkstechnology.com/black_white/

The site was created to be a social network for photographers to upload strictly black and white photos, and get them critiqued. I chose strictly black and white photography so it would be in its own niche (I cant find any other sites that are dedicated to black and white photography and incorporate social networking and photo hosting.

I've just had a website made by some programmers for me, although theres still quite a bit to do such as sort photos into their own albums, and have all the graphics redesigned.

I'm not sure how best to monetize the site and what content to include. The website at the moment has a 3.99 per month subscription for unlimited photo storage and also a free account option with 500mb photo storage limit.

The website wasn't created to be a photo hosting site, but more of a social network site for photographers, like http://photo.net At the moment I feel all it is useful for is storing photos.

I am thinking of getting rid of the articles section and adding a blog so I can add some articles related to black and white photography.

So how best could I monetize this site, and what else could I add or change to make the site better?

Thanks all.