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    creating multiple input fields in rails


    I am trying to figure out how to put multiple input fields on a horizontal line. I don't know the correct syntax for the html inside the embedded ruby. I know what I have won't work, but I included that to show what I need. Can someone give me a hint so that I can figure the rest out on my own? thank you

    <% (1..18).each do %>
          <%= input type="number" style="width: 8px" %>
    <% end %>

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    Well the first thing you shouldn't be doing is setting the width in the markup. That's your external stylesheet's job. Input in and of themselves are a special display type SIMILAR to inline-block, so they should all be inline if that is in fact a loop and outputting those inputs as such.

    I barely know ruby, but if that is indeed outputting 18 inputs in a row, they should fit on one line assuming the screen is wide enough for them to fit... regardless of their width. To try and set a fixed width on them (which should likely be done in EM, not pixels -- pixel layouts tell users with accessibility needs to go f*** themselves) I would either give each of them a class, or style them off a parent fieldset.

    You are outputting a full and complete form filled with fieldsets and labels, right? A bit disturbing to see a loop that's outputting only input without any <label> tags to say what those input ARE.

    In any case, you're question is about layout -- something that should have NOTHING to do with your HTML or server-side code. That's your stylesheet's job.
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