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    Ruby, from client to server and back?

    Like the others here my question is based on Ruby and the IF's of its power.

    I've looked into Ruby and Rails before, can't say I was much for the code language at the time. I've been wondering about Ruby and its ability to connect from a client computer to a server.

    Is it possible to open a connection with ruby to my server and have it send and get info when needed to do something similar to what an online game would do?

    Thanks all.
    I need to find a book about all this stuff. God, thats gonna be one big book!

    Play On!

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    The short answer is yes it could. The longer answer is you probably would not want to use ruby for this. I take it you are looking at building a desktop application that communicates with a server? You could easily use rails on the server and create an API that your desktop application would communicate with. For the desktop client I would suggest looking at adobe AIR or the google desktop equivalent, I can't remember the name offhand.

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