I just wanted to say that had a chance to go on 'lecture' about Ruby. I was a bit late so i can't really say much about how to get started with it, but if you want just download windows instaler and you have all you need.

Lecture was a bit about introduction into Ruby programming. I had chance to see someone else playing around with programming and i must say that it was a bit different then just googleing solutions. In about 5 hours of lecture we took a glimpse in how Ruby works, and it's just to cool to be true.

Fun part was that there were few serious programmers, and from time to time in breaks between 'lessons' we were chatting about other languages. Funny was how this guy who is obviously Java programmer he was mentioning Java and comparing it with Ruby. Ha ha, just funny, i really can't explain due to memory/translation problems.

Guy who doing the lecture mentioned how he met Rasmus and talked about his language. Rasmus just told him that he didn't know how to program and that PHP just happened to him.

Anyway, the point of this post is that if you are hobist(hoby) programmer you should really try out Ruby. It's fun and effective.

Good job developers.