Like the title suggest I am very new not only to python but to coding in general, I took a camp over the summer and really enjoyed what I had learned their. So me having a love in video games I decide to take to the internet and find out how I could code one of my favorite games tetris. I watched a couple of tutorials not only on python but on the module pygame as well and for the most part I understand what is going on but, there is no tutorial video that I can find that is what I need which is an in depth version of how to code tetris the way I would like to so... I am looking for help in these 3 Categories:
  1. 1. Importing Customs sprites to work with the blocks in pygame
  2. 2. A counter to see how many lines are cleared
  3. 3. Any other tips that can be given(this can include youtube tutorials,website links,and written feedback)

Also keep in mind that me personally trying learn I do not benefit very well from just copy and pasting I like to have a more learn as I go approach but as number 3 states I am open to any suggestion/tips

I would like to finally close this thread with a thank you to anyone who views and helps me with the things I'm trying to learn and that any help will be appreciated!