First of all i downloaded rdpy from here:
Now i create a .bat script to run over 2000 servers, something like this:
Code: -w 1024 -l 800 -o C:/tmp/ -w 2000 -l 1200 -o C:/tmp/ -w 1024 -l 800 -o C:/tmp/ -w 1024 -l 800 -o C:/tmp/
here a succesull line:
here that error,the problem is batch not progressin anymore, stops to that line with this error:

i used a small tool to compare the 2 files and the diference is this:
rdpy.core.error.RDPSecurityNegoFail: negotiation failure code 5[*] INFO:       save screenshot into C:/tmp/
My question is how to close,pass,jump,skip when rdpscreenshot finds that lines?