So none of my elif and input functions work this is my first bit of coding and I just can't fix it. Wondering if you guys have any ideas.

The first part works, but when it gets to options it doesn't work.
Thank you!

name=input("What's your name?")
print("Hello, "+ name +"!")
age=input("How old are you")
gender=input("And what gender are you")
weapon=input("What kind of weapon do you want?")
print("So a "+ weapon +"?")
print("You have to protect the kingdom "+ name +"!")
move = input("You come to a path do you go left or right")
if move == 'left' :
print("A Giant ogre blocks your path!")
print("He demands all your money")
answer = input("Do you give him your money")
if answer == 'no' :
print("The ogre picks up his club and slams it into your head")
print("The last thing you see is the ogre lifting you into his mouth")
print("Game Over")
elif answer == 'yes':
print("The ogre puts his hand out, and you hand him the money")
print("Seeming very pleased with himself he lets you pass")

elif move == 'right' :
print("The road stretches on farther, and farther")
entrance = input("Will you go into the inn?")
if entrance == 'yes' :
print("A small man is sitting behind the counter as you walk in")
elif entrance == 'no' :
print("As you continue walking throught woods you hear a small rustling.")
print("You turn your head to look just as several men jump out of the under brush.")
print ("They demand to know if you are armed.")