Hi all,

So I have started picking up coding again after 14 plus years, and decided to try python. I am currently working through some challenge exercises and I am stuck on this one.

Can someone show how to build this, not sure if I should be using if statement or not as well. Any input would be appreciated. Cheers.

My company has monthly charges for computer services.

$75 for 0 - 3 service calls
$150 plus $25 for each service call over 3
9% tax is also charged on each service call

Payment is accepted by credit card or cash. For payment by credit card, an extra 2% of the subtotal is charged.

Input the following information:

- month
- customer name
- number of service calls
- outstanding balance (0, if none)
- payment type (CH - cash; CC - credit card)

- If oustanding balance is not zero, interest of 3% of that balance is to be charged.
- Calculate/output the total amount due. Also output the customer.