I'm practicing in Python the last months and search for a person to cooperate with, with the purpose of exchanging ideas and gaining experience. Particularly creating together a project.
One idea is creating a peer-to-peer chat client-server, totally decentralized. Actually i've already written a simple version for two peers with a custom protocol above UDP for that creates connection, aknowledges the "data" packets and uses encryption. It's here: https://github.com/saavedra29/pychat-UDP
The code is bad so i have to write it again, using maybe multiprocessing and other modules, and adding more features.
Another idea is a game like corewars that will be running like a server accepting connections with a custom protocol, so that each player would send some kind of "payload" in the form of bytestream written on any language.
And generally if someone has an idea i would be happy to discuss it.
If someone is interested contact me on [email protected]