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Thread: Avoid Globals?

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    Avoid Globals?

    We are trying to make a scoring program for a card game which has a variable number of hands played. Using TKinter we need to make an Entry for the score on each hand and then be able to access the data entered in a different function. Have tried looping an exec statement defining multiple Entry boxes, which works, but can't then work out how to access them from another function.
    Any hints gratefully accepted!
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    Dated 04-27-2014 I hope I am not late with the answer

    Now first I would like to say June 2014 is the first month I got to learn about Python. (so now we have that clear)

    But I have done some years of C/C++ (however I am yet to write a real C++ program) Then I have done JavaScript, Java, PHP (old version) is HTML a good add-in?,

    if you heed to do some maths functions you need to import the maths "bundle" ( I can not recall what the correct name is) and have this in your code
    import math
    I would declare any global variable in the next line under any "import ???? "
    or failing that maybe the top lines of the page (which is were I would import 's.

    Do not put it just under the
    def main():
    or any other functions you make or that will make it a local variable to just the main function (or to those other functions you come up with.

    From Eric


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