Hi Guys,

Firstly can I apologise for my poor coding terminology that is one of many things I hope to improve through this forum and this project that I am hoping you guys can help me with. So I have done masses of research on this subject and now itís just time to ask for help!!

So I am wanting to scrape Twitter, I have managed to create a .py code that does this for me when the shell is executed, however this is something currently done manually and the results are stored in a excel file and replaced every time the shell is run.

What I would like is for the following;

To create some code that scrapes all the tweets in the UK for one minute every hour on the hour.

I want this code to be run automatically through a programme and the results to be stored in a database for example so trends can be analysed at a later date.

Any help is VERY much appreciated,

Thank you in advance,