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    Python noob and numbers

    Have only just started learning Python and to practice what i have learned so far i wrote this:

    i = 'Skype'
    j = 46,178,617
    x = 'VOIP'
    Z = "Making it a market leader in it's field."
    print "%s is an online %s product." % (i, x)
    print "It has over %d million regular user's daily." % j
    print "Making %s a market leader in it's field." % i
    But when i try to run it i get the following error:

    Skype is an online VOIP product.
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "./more_practice.py", line 8, in <module>
    print "It has over %d million regular user's daily." % j
    TypeError: not all arguments converted during string formatting

    I am convinced that the problem is down to the variable, j = 46,178,617 because it is such a large number. So could someone tell me how i can display the contents of the variable correctly please.

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    Hello Frump, You are correct, the issue is with that variable j.

    The simplest way to resolve this is to make it a string. You can do so by changing the value to
    j = "46,178,617"
    Now that it is a string, you will need to change the print statement to look for a string.
    print "It has over %s million regular user's daily." % j
    The reason it did not work without the Quotes is because the commas were making it act like a tuple with individual integers of 46, 178 and 618. So your value is the same as
    j = (46, 178, 617)
    Rather than a large number like you see it.
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