I have the following code, seems to work but my set_data not being used, it is suppose to be the method that accepts the arguments from the __init__

class Cellphone:
    #The __init__ method must accept arguments for
    #for the manufacturer, model number and retail
    def __init__(self, manufact, model, price):
        self.manufact = manufact
        self.model = model
        self.price = price
    def set_data(self, new_manufact, new_model, new_price):
        if new_manufact == "" or new_model == "" or new_price == "":
            print "These fields can not be left empty"
            self.manufact = new_manufact
            self.model = new_model
            self.price = new_price

    def get_manufact(self):
        return self.manufact
    def get_model(self):
        return self.model
    def get_price(self):
        return self.price

def main():
    #Get the data
    manufacturer = raw_input("Enter the manufacturer: ")
    modelnum = raw_input("Enter the model number: ")
    retailprice = raw_input("Enter the retail price: ")
    #Create an instance of the Cellphone class
    myPhone = Cellphone(manufacturer, modelnum, retailprice)
    myPhone.set_data(manufacturer, modelnum, retailprice)
    #Display the data that was entered
    print "\nYour phone's manufacturer is:\t" + myPhone.get_manufact()
    print "Your phone's model number is:\t" + myPhone.get_model()
    print "Your phone's selling price is:\tR" + myPhone.get_price()