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    Python as a first language

    Right so I am starting out on my programming journey and after a few articles it seems Python is the way forward for a beginner.

    I am on a mission to learn how to code and eventually create a software for a friend. The software is for his repair business for computers and mobile phones and it will be a simple booking in and out program.

    Being completely new to programming is Python a good language to use for this type of program? I have been reading about programmers and how they talk about maths, problems and solutions and to be honest at the moment I am slightly confused. When they say that Python can be used to solve problems what exactly do they mean? For example I get it in the context as a mathematical question such as:

    If a well is 20m and a frog is at the bottom, how many moves will he have to make in order to get out if he moves 2 meters up and slides back down 1 metre. Is this the kind of problems that programmers refer to?

    The software I want to eventually create I don't see that as a math related problem? How does one understand what exactly a problem means and how to get its solution. From my reading there is quite a lot of logic and philosophy used in programming. Any help or previous experiences would be appreciated, such as how you got in to programming or what you thought it was and what it turned out to be once you learned.

    Thank You.
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