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    Question Re-sync MYSQL database for Python-Based Django Site

    Hey, I'm cross-posting this from the MYSQL forum because I'm not exactly sure which type of programmer would better help me.

    I'm an IT guy who found myself editing a Django site created atop Python. I've made a change and now need to re-sync with the database. I have a file the previous IT guy left me with instructions:

    python manage.py dbshell
    -This opens a shell to the database. It should say “mysql>” before the cursor now

    DUMP SCHEMA cipps;
    CREATE SCHEMA cipps;
    When I type "DUMP SCHEMA cipps;" I get an error:
    ERROR 1064 (42000): You have an error in your SQL syntax ...
    Could you please help me find the correct syntax to do what I'm attempting? I'm note entirely sure what the command is supposed to do even, but I believe it dumps the contents of SCHEMA (likely tables without data) to a file called cipps, then CREATE re-creates the structure using the file DUMP created.

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