i am looking for interest to develop a PHP Golf competition website. this would eventually be almost completely automated (possibly completely automated).

for those who don't know what PHP Golf is: (for those who do - skip)

PHP golf is a competition where somebody defines a set of rules for a function that should be created and what it should return, and everyone creates a solution. at the end of the round the solution with the lowest character count (including spaces) wins.

the website would originally allow people to sign up as a member, and administrators would create a PHP Golf round every set period of time (i.e. one week). people would submit their solutions to the hole, and at the end of the hole, somebody would look over the solutions to make sure that none contain malicious code, then the shortest solution's creator would be awarded a point, or numerous points, etc.

as the engine progresses, the possibility to make it less and less human-assisted would become more apparent, with possibilities to create PHP functions to make sure there is no malicious code in solutions, then automatically decide which is the shortest and award points.

possible implementations in the website might include: discussion forums, user-started golf rounds, PHP Golf "clubs", etc.

i am looking for people interested in co-developing this website. if anyone is interested please reply here or email me: robbie [aT] averill [d0t]co[doT] nz.

robbie averill