Hey everyone,

I, and a developer buddy of mind, started a program called Code Apprentice to get more high school students from small communities interested in coding and careers in tech. Need your help!

We've designed this program so that the schools weíre working with will give credit to their students for teaching themselves how to code on their own using online resources we provide. Itís really difficult for these schools to provide / pay qualified coding educators who can make tech relevant and inspire students. Thatís why we believe in 1:1 tech mentorships. Last semester, 60% of the students in our program chose to pursue further coding education.

As a UX designer, Iím keenly aware that my developer friends are super busy, so weíve made it simple. All you have to do is meet with one student for 2 hours a week over Slack video chat. Youíre not going to be teaching them from scratch, youíll merely review what theyíre learning on their own and work with them on simple coding projects. Thatís it.

If youíve ever wanted to invest in the future of the tech community, this is fantastic way to do so. As a thank you from us, mentors who volunteer this fall will receive a $150 Amazon gift card at the completion of the semester.

Thanks for taking the time to read. If you want to learn more or have any questions you can visit our website (Code Apprentice) or reply here and I will be glad to answer.