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    Lightbulb Looking for a php open-source contributor/friend

    Hey Guys,

    No idea where I should post something like this,
    but I am looking for someone that has a good understanding of PHP, this isn't a job, but an open-source project contributor for a developer who is either bored and looking for a challenging fun project to work on. This is more about meeting like-minded individuals who would like to collaborate and possibly expand their own knowledge in development. You don't have to be an expert, really I'm looking for someone to work with on spare time (always better to have more eyes on a project), I find it hard sometimes to meet people who do the same thing I do in RL, so I figured I'll see if there is anyone online.

    My History,

    I have been developing PHP applications for the past decade. I have had a lot of experience with high volume websites from either traffic or revenue. A lot of the things I look for in a PHP Framework is Speed, Simplicity, and Extendability. I currently have been working on a new framework that is built on "essential" website develop needs, "core" assets. Revolving around the intuitive method naming and of course incredible speed as well as proper memory reduction through it's base. A few bits of stats, currently as it stands, I can run 500 requests as Laravel can run only 50 using the same amount of memory. Let's not talk about request per second because that would blow your mind. But anyways, I am the type of person who builds a lot of my own packages because I don't like whats currently out there for many reasons, such as speed and simplcity. (things should just work the way you expect them to work, no work arounds, and it should be done with great speed)

    Again, this is just a fun project, I love working on new ideas, especially ones that challenge you and let's you see how everything works internally as you grow as a developer.

    I am 28, I have been coding PHP and websites since I was 16. I used to run a bunch of websites back in the early years, met a lot of webmasters, however as you get older, its much more difficult to find new friends let alone developer ones.

    Thanks, if you're interested in either contributing, advising, or just chatting let me know, respond or send a PM.
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