I have been playing a lot of the airline management type games and I enjoy most of them. But I find that most lack things that others excel at and render the game unrealistic, not fun and able to lose interest fairly quickly. I have recently tossed around the idea of creating one and became obsessed with the idea, I have some really good ideas that could make a really interesting, realistic but simple to use and fun game. The only thing is, I don't know the first step to take as I know very little about web hosting and coding / creating a web based game.

Thus, I am searching for a developer or someone who knows quite a bit about creating web based games who could help me put this plan into reality. Eventually I would plan to monetize the platform and play said developer if funds allow. This person would be someone I can brainstorm ideas with and when plans are decided on, put it into reality, maybe even if time allows give me some coding tips.

I would prefer this person to enjoy doing this and have significant time to put into it. Again once funds allow I would not mind paying staff and giving partial ownership of the game to certain staff.

If you are interested PM me and we can go from there.