i currently have some ideas for building one or two tools (one is nearly finished). What I am looking for (a) partner(s) to build a little team. The tools will be written in C# and I think in the future I need a website for presenting the tools. I also have an idea to develop a more complex website, but this needs to be discussed and will take quite a lot of time.

All my ideas are related to sport bets, so it would be nice if you're a bit interested in that as well. What I have in my mind exactly, I will tell you in private chat.

You should have some of those skills:
- HTML 5, CSS 3, JS
- Web Designing
- Knowledge about databases and SQL
- Knowledge about (windows)servers
- C#

I really don't know if this will make any profit, but when it does, the money will be split in a fair way of course.

If you have questions or if you are interested, just answer here, or send me a private message.