I'm a back-end developer and security expert. Contributed on security tools, stream server and NUI projects, here is my portfolio: https://github.com/Izib

I'm working on video monitor system development and need some good coders who are willing to do some beatiful front-end render.

Here's what I've done: test

Here's the plan:
1. Making the website looks beatiful, for example, like: https://tawk.com/.
2. Add the account system in it.
3. Integrate the MCU in system and make it a stable long-run free system for use.

What you will get:
Actually, nobody pays money to do this project. I just doing this by interest.
While the website looks great and then it might be interested by company.

If you are interested by this project and want to co-work with me.
Or you know how to make money by this project and I'm glad to listen to you.

If you have any questions, you can contact me at: tweek.lee@gmail.com