Runes of Magic Private Server - Arcadia PVE

1. Introduction

Runes of Magic is a MMORPG game created by Runewaker Entertainment TW. Released in 2009 and developed troughout the years. Nowadays the game experience chapter 5 and still building up new contents. The game is based on standard MMPRPG games, you can create your own character, customize it to your own taste and gameplay. The characters are splitted in classes, choose your desired class which you gladly to play with. In the world of Taborea full of mysteries and adventures, you start with quests which lead you to your adventure. Each questline has itís own story line. Receiving strength modifications is possible by quest rewards or mob kill rewards. Gear parts are customize able. This game offers you a lot of opportunities, adventures and game time experience. From gathering to master apprentices.

2. The concept

We started this concept with a small team. We are still in development phase and we are still looking for members to join our organisation. We want to make this possible and offer players the best game experience in the world of Runes of Magic.

One important thing about this: this organisation has especially the motivation of giving the best service, active GM's and best of Runes of Magic.

For more details you can see this part of our website: Disclaimer - Arcadia PVE Runes of Magic

3. What are we looking for

We're looking for developers and programmers for a new project, probably the best Runes of Magic private server on internet as there is just one apart from the official.

As it isn't enough with us, in order to strenghten our team and this project, we need experienced C++, LUA, PHP & SQL programmers.

4. About money earning

About payment, that's going to be hard part right now because there is no fund to spend it out. When the server is running fully*, the payments will be realistic** to be done. Right now it's all based on working for a non profit organisation which have big chance of income when the planning has been done.

* : with fully we mean that we actually got chapter 4 and we need to make a lot of changes and work to make it chapter 5 ready, open all zones and functions.

** : with realistic payment we mean that the money you earn will depend on the workload you perform and your motivation, basically.

Clear example of this:

1. You are asked to do one zone, and you do it, good. But after that the only thing you do is complaining about you are tired and you have no time for that. Then you will be told: don't ask for money now when you really f**ked youself with that behaviour.

2. You are asked to do one zone, you finish it and you even work more to improve things or openning more zones (even when you weren't asked to do it). Then you will be payed like a LA hooker.

5. Contact

To contact or join us you just have to enter in our website and fill in the form: Arcadia PVE | Runes of Magic Private Server

Or you may want to write us by email:

6. To finish

Thank you all who read this post and who finally liven to join us. We hope to get well. I swear you will not regret!

Arcadia RoM Private Server Staff.