Quite simply, i'm looking for someone who is familiar with PHP/SQL to help finish a new commercial project i'm starting. This is a good opportunity for someone with a good work ethic and a desire to be independently established. The income from this is negotiable, up to and including salary or partnership.

What i'm looking for specifically is someone who can set up server chron jobs, regularly scraping data from a number of websites, and building some basic web services to interact with android apps and display the data. It will likely be a php web service which interfaces with an android app, and updates or queries an sql database. This is not a one-time project, it will be a continuing commercial venture which will require occasional feature updates and fixes. I would be responsible for the android side of things, and i can also handle basic web services/jquery if need be. The income potential alone is awe inspiring. The right candidate has a positive attitude and a good work ethic, like myself. Feel free to private message me, i cannot discuss details on a public forum.