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    Music Site to share ads revenue with all artist

    A lot of us know that when we create amvs/music video/remix/covers, that the original artist don't usually get, so I've thought of a navigation to help artist (especially smaller artist who doesn't have youtube subscription) to generate revenue also.

    The core is to use songs as categorizer so that you can backtrack all the submission related to that song. I want to give smaller artist an opportunity to get a share of every ads that is generate through videos or songs remix that was made related to their song. I want to create a more professional environment then what youtube has to provide, but mostly I want to help smaller artist get some sort of revenue even if they don't have millions of subscriber. I uploaded the site mockup to the link below on deviantart (you can download the file to view it easier).

    I want to help artist like this (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8imW0vtB06U) who creates high quality songs and wants to give away their song for free. I want to generate an income for them, just by letting users watch their videos as I know most people want to support their artist but due to financial constraint can't. When you can support your artist just by watching a video, I think most users will be happy that they can contribute. The site welcomes those who wants to upload sheet music or just audio alone. I want to cater it toward sheet music too, because I know a lot of people also wants to play the songs they hear, every little bit helps toward supporting the original artist. This way, you won't need to pass a certain subscriber threshold.

    Please let me know if you're interested, just send me an email at greybubblegum@gmail.com, or ask a question below.

    Music by GreyBubbleGum on deviantART


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