Looking for some individuals interested in building a tool used for anonymous feedback. I've started with Bootstrap to help describe the simplicity of the idea... which purposefully lacks features and looks to be simple, fast, and used on mobile first.

Works like this:

User inputs a statement or question, application generates a random URL or vanity URL if the user opts for one; the user can share that URL however they choose and whoever views that URL will be faced that statement/question and a simple interface such as:

Syner - Submit (I suggest you view on a smartphone)

The user can answer the question/state without inputing any personal information. If they leave their email we will update if the post is modified, nothing else. The application would not spam or ask the user to register.

When viewing the thread Syner - Thread each response is minimalist. No timestamp, username, post #, or not visible to the users at least. No registration. No app download. All focused on the content. Each anonymous user can edit each other's posts or rate each post. Posts can be listed based on most recent, most edits, or highest rating.

That's mostly it.

Obviously this opens a big can of worms. If each one of these "threads" gets opened up to a lot of people than trolls and spam emerge. You would think that captcha's would be required and other such features but as an experiment I'm curious what kind of content would be acquired. A quick digital whiteboard to pass to team-members or friends to gather their input quickly without tasking them with any sort of registration or asking for any personal information.

Even the users who would register on the site all we would ask for is email+verification+password. We can leave their name as an option field but certainly isn't priority. What a user would see when creating one of these "Syner Threads" Syner - Create

What would we see? Where would it go? Who knows...

Anyone wanna see? I can tune the front-end, but am looking for someone with back-end experience that could tie things together. Have been considering looking for a light rails or node.js CMS that could be striped down to support this idea since it purposefully lacks many features...