My name is Booy Faassen and I live in southern Sweden. I'm interested in companies and businesses.

I'm putting together an exclusive team of programers, web designers and entrepreneurs.
The team will be from 4-5 members of people from all over the world.
I'm not so good at programing myself but I have connections to companies which are specialized in web hosting and Marketing Advertisement.

This is going to be an exclusive project. But I don't know what we are going to build jet.
That's why I need partners. The idea is to just brainstorm together.
We will together develop a new program, software or website.
We will work in the weekends and in our spare time.
We will not get paid per hour or month but we will share the income of the future businesses.
We will all get a percentage of the company based on what we'r doing and investing.

If you think that you can be part of this, please email me on Booy@faassenmedia.nl or on skype: Booy.faassen

Thank you!

Booy Faassen, entrepreneur