I have a fresh project starting up that I would like to actually go somewhere but the main goal right now is to just get some people together and just make some small games

People will be paid a % depending on what they do in making this game, The more people provide, the harder they work the bigger cut of the pie they will get, there is no Boss, I came up with the idea, I'm managing and putting it together but it's team effort and everyone has an equal say

Looking for
Lead Programmer
Must have
1. Decent knowledge of C++ and able to write in what language we need *Will be in charge of choosing the language
2. Must be at least 18+
3. Must be willing to at least put an hour a day into it -- We would like more but we don't expect you to put full time into it untill you see progress and as stated before you will get a cut depending on how much you do for project

1. At least a bit of knowledge in C++ and able to do any small project the Lead programmer asks you to do, this will be down to the lead programmers discretion
2. Must be at least 18+
3. Put what ever free time you can into the game but this is a project not a job

We will probably start with a small game that won't take too long to see how well the team performs and then move onto bigger projects, We have ideas to link these together but it will only be shared with people that make the Dev Team, it's an untapped idea that should bring in a lot of attention

So far we have a project manager, a coordinater, 1 3d designer and a 2d artist

I will also be stepping in to do 3d models untill we find a lead designer

This is all about being a team and creating something together, People that step in straight away demanding any kind of ownership will be rejected, We all get what we deserve so only apply if you are a team player!