I formerly worked for facebook as their content specialist and mockup designer. After a while, I decide to leave and pursue my own path.

I would like to know if anyone programmer is interested in partnering up with me on a sheet music site. I do have a business plan drafted, and adding some final touches the the mockup.

The site is mostly focus on advertising and annual subscription for its revenue model. It consist of letting user share/upload files and video regarding music. It's layout design is focus on utilizing video ads around the content of music.

If interested let me know by contacting me at greybubblegum@gmail.com or posting a comment here.

Mostly looking for anyone how like to handle database, and someone who can and front-end development. Mockups are pretty much complete.

Hosting fee I will cover myself at the beginning, and all profit will be split equally assuming all other necessities such as hosting is cover when profit is available.