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    Lightbulb Game concept need developer

    pretty limited coder but I have a concept for a game and have a graphic designer standing by to work for free and I need some people who will come onto the project with the understanding that until this project can be taken off the ground there will be almost no funding

    need networking and application web designers

    once enough of the game has been put together I will be heading over to kick starter to start mustering support for the project

    it's an MMORPG style game so need pretty experienced coders who know about networked programming

    already have a server sitting by to set up and run the beta testing stuff and will have concept art ready in a matter of time

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    Nov 2013
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    I'm really interested in this, though since it's free I can't focus my total attention on it. Plus I want shares within the company. I do no graphics what so ever, though I can draw I hate it. coding only!

    Give me an IM and when I can start, plus I guess server login details so I can start filing. I have a server myself as well. your email as well

    What kind of game is it and detailed list on game features and functions so I can understand what snipes to produce. I'd like to meet the designer.


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