Hi All.

I'm looking for a back end coder to come in with me on some web based game ideas. When I say web based games I don't mean flash / animations etc.

They will require an excellent coder.

They are all based around Football or Soccer depending on the part of the world your from and might move to other sports.

So far I've 3 or 4 ideas that I would love to get off the ground.

1 of my ideas is already up and running but my coder just became a daddy of twins and can't work anymore

The current game can be found here www.lmsfootball.com It's been running over a year but has a good few bugs related to scraping and cron jobs which i can't fix ( i'm no coder )

LMS Football stands for Last Man Standing. Each week you can join a game and pick your team. If you win you move onto week 2 if you loss your out. You can see the rules on site.

The other ideas will remain private until i've talked to a few interested parties.

My roll will be the following

Planning the games and the rules, I've loads of ideas for new games.
Front end design HTML / CSS
Social media
Onsite adverts ( if we get big )

I've not looking for any money upfront.

I've servers in US and Europe and I will cover all domain names.
When it comes time to promote the site we can talk more about money.

If anyone is interested please email me david[at]davidstokes.com

Hope to talk to you all soon