Hello dear people,
I am currently working on a new, rather complex website and am looking for (preferably long-term) volunteering, equitable partners to get this thing running.

It will be a international website which helps people plan and conduct politically or socially motivated direct actions protets, information events, petitions and so on.

To keep everything nice and clear, as it's quite a lot of information, I have stated everything that could be important to you on this webpage: http://voiceinthewind.bplaced.net/en.php

I can do a lot of work for it on my own, especially developing the server-side application, but you can participate there just as well.
If you can do something else in one of the tasks stated in the title resp. on that webpage, I'd like to welcome you on board (you would be the first one by now).
Just write me a PM here or an email, you can find the address on the linked page.

In fact, I have not yet found another website that implements this concept in a proper way, so you will not be working on a faltering, unused replica of something that already exists.
(I have mostly been searching in the German web, so I might have overlooked something similar that originates from somewhere else. I would be thankful if you let me know, so I could either re-decide on whether my project is 'new' and necessary, or (if similarities are rather few) snoop for some ideas there.)

Best regards,